Thirty years ago our local community fought hard to ensure that Tetbury Hospital could continue delivering health care to the local community and surrounding areas. The Friends of Tetbury Hospital support by raising money for essential medical equipment and facilities that are not funded by
the NHS.

Friends of Tetbury Hospital

In the late 1980s the NHS-run Tetbury Hospital was threatened with closure, so the people of the town decided to raise over a million pounds to ‘buy’ it. Tetbury Hospital Trust Ltd was set up as a charity to run the hospital for the benefit of the people of Tetbury and the surrounding area.

The Friends of Tetbury Hospital was established at the same time. The former Prince of Wales is the Patron and His Grace the Duke of Beaufort is the President.

The Friends play an important role in fundraising to provide the hospital with essential new and replacement medical equipment and upgrades to our facilities. The hospital does not receive any funding from the NHS for capital projects and equipment so fundraising will always be vital.

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Outpatients Extension 2008


Five new and two refurbished consulting rooms plus larger and improved waiting areas were included in this project which cost £384,000

One-Stop Eyecare Clinic 2013


The equipment purchased for the Clinic included the Optical Coherence Tomography Machine shown above, which allows non-invasive imaging of all parts of the eye. Total equipment costs were £80,000

X-Ray Department 2014


A complete refurbishment of the X-Ray room, including the new X-Ray machine cost £108,100

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